This page will help you follow the progress of many current projects that are moving forward on a weekly basis. If you are a regular visitor to the Severn Valley, this will help you keep up to date with our work. If not then feel free to click on the links below and feel part of our preservation movement.

(* updated this month)
Gear Animation
Thornycroft Nippy Lorry Scammell Mechanical Horse Miscellaneous Station Fittings
GWR Pole Carrying Trailer GWR Container Conveyancer-Scott Truck
Bridgnorth Fencing
GWR Blacksmiths Forge GWR Office Desk Coal Merchants Office
Thornycroft Tipper Lorry
Main Entrance Canopy Ornamental Roof Crestings Horse Trough
Henley in Arden Parcels Office Booking Office Repaint Station Master's Sink
Henley in Arden Lamp Hut Bundy Time Clock Covered Cycle Rack
Keep Left Signs King and Castle Bar Platform Weighing Scales
Gents Platform Screen Uffculme Building Station Repaint
GWR Platform Bench Loading Bay Platform Gas Lighting
GWR Motor Vehicle Depot GWR Horse Drawn Dray Knocker Uppers' Bike
Running-In Board GWR Pagoda Style Hut Northwood Halt Pagoda
Brintons Hand Cart GPO Platform Trolley Concourse Canopy
GWR Pump Trolley G.W.R Storage Shed G.W.R Pul-syn-etic Drum Clock
GWR Grounded Van Body Restaurant Car Platform Fencing Tobacconist's Kiosk
GWR Hand Cart GWR Bus Garage (Ex Bridgnorth) Lister Auto-Truck
W.H.Smith's kiosk
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