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Treasurers Report


This is the first issue of the Friends' Newsletter enclosed with your certificate/receipt for your contribution and commitment to the fund. It is being sent to every Friend but due to the cost of production and postage, the Newsletter will be sent, in future, to every Friend contributing £24 per annum or more (either by donation or standing order). It will be produced every few months to keep you informed of progress and new events.


I sincerely hope that anyone contributing less than this amount will not be offended by our decision. All contributions are very welcome but we wish to apply as much of our income as possible to the improvements to our Station and not full the coffers of Royal Mail!


The first items of steelwork for the Porte Cochere have been delivered to the Station at a cost of more than £200 and it is estimated that the total cost to complete this structure will be about £4000 - compared to the cost of £20,000 if put-out to a contract. A very valuable saving indeed!


We have had a pleasing response so far to our appeal considering the small amount of publicity we have been able to achieve. This includes a promise of sponsorship from the proprietor of Captain Cod's Fish and Chip Shop (opposite the Station) towards the cost of stonework corbels that are required to support the brackets for the Porte Cochere and hope to have the order in "plaice", sent COD and not "chipped" on arrival!!
(Oh dear - Editor)


Now that the station site is safely in the hands of the SVR, we can go ahead with renewed vigor towards our ultimate aim of creating the best terminus station in the railway preservation movement. So please spread the word and give your friends and acquaintances one of our appeal forms with suitable words of encouragement.(How about Christmas and birthday presents?)


And remember, if you wish to give practical help to the group, please turn-up at Kidderminster Town Station and INTRODUCE YOURSELF to a member of the group - you will be made most welcome.


Thank you very much for your support.





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