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A Few Words from the Treasurer


This year most of our expenditure has been incurred on items for the restoration of our historic vehicles. We have also paid for two new window frames for the pagoda on the parcels platform. These are currently in our storage shed awaiting fitting. The patched up windows in the pagoda will not last much longer, so we took the opportunity of purchasing these frames as a batch with the ones for the Northwood pagoda to keep costs down for both projects.


In order to increase awareness of our group Jane and Mick Yarker produced a display board describing our activities together with a collection box cleverly converted from a cream churn. This has provided us with a small amount of extra income even though the display board seems to be moved about and sometimes ends up not being prominently displayed. Even so, in the early days of the flood appeal we were able to donate £300 to the SVR, all raised in this collecting box.


From time to time the opportunity occurs to acquire an item of G.W.R interest. One such item, an ex G.W.R Lister Auto-Truck, came up at auction and we took the decision to attempt to acquire it at a maximum bid of £500. Bidding was brisk and soon passed our maximum but Mick decided to go for it because of its rarity. Our bid of £770 was successful and the vehicle is now at Kidderminster. Steve Millington, Mick Yarker and I have agreed to donate the extra cost, plus the cost of transport, so the Friends contribution remains at £500.


The intention is to display this vehicle on the concourse at Kidderminster Town and utilise it as a prominent platform for our display board and collection churn, it should pay for itself!


Bob Brown



Scammell Mechanical Horse


In the last magazine I mentioned that we had begun work on a quick restoration of the Mechanical Horse. The cab proved to be in such poor condition that it was not practical to repair it in a piecemeal way. New bits of timber had been fitted this way in an attempt to repair the cab some time ago, but the end result wasn't really satisfactory. The quarter-light windows seem to have been lost forever so we started to think about rebuilding the cab as the vertical windscreen variant which was favoured by the G.W.R and is of a much simpler construction.


I began by enlarging some official photos of these Scammells to scale them in order to prepare accurate drawings before we began. Next, I made a scale cardboard model of the cab to view it from various angles and compare it with photographs to make sure it was right. As far as we know no cabs of this type survive so it is not possible to measure up an existing one.


Bob Brown and I began by bending up angle section to form a new frame for the cab floor and support for the bonnet. The bonnet will be shaped from two sheets of 18 gauge steel, and the domed corners made by hand as separate pieces and welded in just as they were originally. This is the single most difficult part of the restoration so we are attempting it as early as possible in case we end up having second thoughts! All original parts have been put aside for possible use by anyone restoring another Mechanical Horse.


Mick Yarker


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