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Dedicated Bench


by Mick Yarker.


In the last magazine I mentioned that the second G.W.R wooden bench to be restored by Bob Brown was sponsored by our long term Friends' member Mrs. Iris Graham, in memory of her late husband George Graham.


Very sadly Iris did not get to see the bench except in some photographs, as she was seriously ill by this time and passed away soon afterwards. It was the wish of her family and friends that we should attach a second plaque to the bench in her memory, which we were pleased to do.


Members of Iris's family and friends, including her friend Dianne Reynolds, who had organised the event, visited us at Kidderminster Station and unveiled the bench – now complete with its second memorial plaque.


To mark the event, Dianne presented us with a generous donation for which we would like to record our appreciation. The donation will be used for a project which we feel would meet with Iris's approval, and further enhance the G.W.R atmosphere at our station which she loved so much.




Thornycroft Lorry


by Steve Millington


Since my last report, we have made favourable progress with this project; although it has taken a back seat to other projects in recent months.


The cab frame woodwork is now 95% complete with only the supporting bracketry to finish; we will then start looking at the sheet steel body panels for the nose. These will have to be hand made to suit, rolling and forming the sheets to the correct curves as we go to suit the framework.


We have started to manufacture a new passenger side window frame, to replace the original previously moved & lost by contractors working on the Kidderminster site. The main frame is made, we now just have to figure out how to form the clever bits which hold the glass in place.


The front grille previously completed by Mick has now been painted and Bob has done a top-job repairing the radiator surround. In a few coats-of-paint time this will be ready to be assembled and fixed to the front of the lorry. It will be great to see the nose complete and looking as good as new, it will definitely be worth all the hard work and effort by all to ensure the quality and authenticity.


Other work is being carried out on the cab, floor plates and the inner wheel arches. Each being made from new out of steel and being welded and formed into the correct shape to suit the chassis and cab. This work is about 50% complete with the drivers side left to do. Hopefully Mick has forgotten about the effort and grief of the last batch, so I can ask him to help with the remaining!!


I have decided to wait until all of the cab structure, floor and bracketry is complete before we take a very cautious test drive. To ensure I don't get too excited and impatient I have left the engine prop shaft off on purpose ... though I do have the bolts to put it on, winking at me!

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