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Thornycroft Nippy


The GWR Thornycroft is steadily progressing. The pedals and linkages are now nearly complete, and a new footplate has been made and is about to be fitted. This is being done to enable the clutch to be adjusted and held in the correct position before the engine is started (note the blind optimism!). The new rear engine cowl has now been painted and fitted with a lot fiddling with other parts to ensure it sits in the correct location. The main starter switch and high current cables have been installed. As soon as the rear floor plate has been fitted the battery can be located and connected.

A trip to the Great Dorset Steam Fair saw the acquisition of a speedo, control console and fuse box, and even an original Thornycroft master cylinder reservoir, which were great finds as these parts have been obsolete for many years.

Due to pending civil works around the Kidderminster site, the lorry has to be moved to a new location to be completed. As this is sooner rather than later the focus has now moved to get the remaining 2 out of 4 rear wheels restored and tyres fitted, to enable it to be moved. The front King Pins also need attention and the steering stops fitting. A temporary exhaust has been fitted for initial starting, although due to the amount of rust and lack of baffles it may prove to be more a good will gesture.

The lorry (or boxes of lorry parts) was donated to the Friends to be restored. Since the project start and with progress of the build, a negative influence has been directed towards the Friends. The original decision to donate the lorry by one of the former owners seems to have become less decisive, we can only assume this is fuelled by the progress being made by the group.

The Friends are still trying to sensibly bring the matter to conclusion.



Steve Millington. October 2005


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