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Storage Shed


The new storage shed at Kidderminster is not a replica of a Great Western structure, but it has the advantage of using the same sort of material as a standard corrugated iron building i.e. 3 inch pitch galvanised steel sheeting on an angle iron framework.

After a bit of research in my library of picture books, what did I find but a very nice building of the same size as our new storage shed (count the corrugations and divide by 4) but with a rounded roof rather like the Uffculme Building times two. The building at Stroud was originally used for storing buses for the local service. Our building will house road vehicles too, which is nice, so maybe we should have a lean-to stores and workshop alongside just like Stroud.

The lean-to could be built at a later date but if we can get funds together should be done sooner rather than later. The extra storage space for projects that are under way or pending would be most useful. It is not intended to replace the Uffculme building but to supplement it.





At the moment we have so much stuff in the Uffculme building it is hard to move. This is not at all ideal for efficiency or safety - a cluttered workplace is always unsatisfactory - but we have had to extend to the paint store and bike shed in an attempt to keep our 'valuables' under cover.

Hopefully by the time the next magazine is due for publication we will have some design drawings and accurate costings. In the mean time if you would like to assist with this important project please do not hesitate from making a donation. Funds are now very depleted, preventing us from moving forward at full pace. As always the Friends rely on your generosity to be able to function.

Thank You!!


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