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Station Master's Notes

by Keith Redfern


Things are not so good on the railway at the moment, the 19th June deluge and further heavy rain have decimated parts of it, 100 years plus and never before has it suffered in such a way. In B.R's days this would have been the end. We must ensure that all costs are kept to a minimum, encourage everyone to support the line by using the open parts, assist by offering help, physical and financial. We have to get back to our 'normal' passenger figures as soon as possible after the likely opening time, which at the moment looks like being Easter 2008.


The line at our end (Kidderminster – Bewdley) will host the 'Santa Specials' but thereafter we need to close for several weeks to allow for the planned maintenance work to be carried out on Worcester Road bridge etc. This means that we will have the chance to upgrade the paintwork on the station building and platform edges plus perhaps replace the tiles on the Booking Office floor, and maybe finish the Ladies Room. The other stations have had time to do their maintenance work while there has been a lack of train activity, whilst we have been like the 'Windmill' and never closed. (Well only for one day).


The G.W.R style pictures are now in situ in the new dining room – Mark and I fixed those in August and it is special thanks to Dave Postle and the museum for allowing the use of their archives to produce the pictures. The Friends have installed the ex-Wolverhampton Low Level clock under the new canopy – it looks good – even better when it is working!


Mick and Bob have now installed the cast iron guttering on the Henley Building – another long awaited job complete. We still have no–one repairing or replacing the G.P.O trolleys – any volunteers?


The new dock platform construction has come to a standstill as a result of the floods, labour is needed elsewhere. The Gents toilet windows, which are just about fit for firewood, have been attacked by Bob and myself, after lots of filler, much sanding and re–puttying so they will last another year or so until we can afford to replace them.


I have done a sort of deal for two G.W.R ball top gate posts for the entry to the museum and dock platform from the concourse. The foundry takes two of our Waterworks posts in exchange for one ball top and we purchase the other at 10% less than normal cost. This means that we can put in authentic gates and posts for security, to close off this area when the site is closed but while the concourse area is in use - its' got to be done right!


Mark Ryan has had our G.W.R clock from the King and Castle for refurbishment; it gave up the ghost after being damaged by pushing the hour hand backwards. This resulted in bent and broken teeth on a wheel which have needed some serious work to put right. The damaged area had to be cut out, a new piece soldered in and the teeth re–cut. The rest of the movement was fully overhauled and restored.


After being in the smoke for 12 years the clock has been cleaned etc., and now the clock is a different colour to the back box, so this too was cleaned before reinstatement on the chimney breast.


So there you are, still loads to be done and lots of real support needed for our railway. Please do your bit, everything helps. Remember your railway needs you more than ever now.



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