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Station Master's Notes

by Keith Redfern


The daily running season is upon us and the many outstanding jobs seem to be getting more rather than less, but we have made some progress.


Mark and Bob Leonard have repainted the passageway between the King and Castle and the new refreshment room. I have fitted the dado rail and we have hung one original GWR waiting room colour print "Shakespeare Country" and two framed copies of posters. The area looks much better now.


The whole refreshment room has also been repainted to match the King and Castle. Picture frames are on hand and black and white photographic prints are being obtained. These are all of local rail interest and should carry the period theme from the pictures in the public bar through to the eating area.


Cast iron "Fire Exit" and "Keep Clear" signs have been produced in the style of GWR standard door plates and these have been fitted to the doors as appropriate. A new "Refreshment and Function Room" sign has been made from a genuine GWR notice board fitted with cast iron letters – It's a heavy weight and still requires fixing to the refreshment room wall outside, facing the BR car park. Jane continues to maintain the vintage Midland Red cabinet and has fitted a cork pin board inside so that the timetables are easily exchanged to keep them up to date. We get quite a few complimentary comments regarding it.


Station staff have started repainting all the spear head fencing in black. This is authentic and a great improvement. The new platform for dining car servicing is progressing too, with Colin Astbury heading the construction team.


We still have the ladies toilet to finish, slabs need replacing on the parcels bay platform, some broken floor tiles need replacing in the booking hall and all the older doors and windows on the concourse need stripping and finishing to a good standard. Four windows for the gents toilet need repair. These still face out into the elements and could really do with complete replacement but the station fund cannot afford it yet!


On the parcels bay platform, the Henley building is in need of a repaint, after which the new guttering will be fitted. The GPO trolleys are in need of renovation, a nice project for someone – all of the hardwood required is on hand and waiting.


So you see there is plenty to do, but we ARE moving ahead.


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