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Station Master's Notes

by Keith Redfern


Since my last notes progress has been made in many areas of the station by both the Friends and the Station Staff. The Station Masters Office has at last received its picture rail and had the ceiling painted courtesy of Jane and Mick Yarker – the rail was purchased 3 or 4 years ago but difficulties of access at the time prevented its fixture. Jane also updated the Midland Red timetable boards making them much more pleasant to view.


The platform end screen finally arrived late in the summer, supplied by Mike Walker and paid for jointly by the station budget and the Friends (50–50) It is in hardwood so should last unlike its predecessor.


The new Storage Shed is now in use and the floor has been concreted, all financed by the Friends. The cost of the power connections, some sand and cement came from the "Station".


The long–awaited concourse roof and new buffet are well on the way. At the time of writing the holes are dug and await concrete to support the pillars. The new Porters Room is almost complete and is situated on the dock platform. The old Porters' site is to be the new on-train restaurant kitchen. As far as the new Porters Room is concerned, the project was in the hands of a contractor, however their standards were not to my liking so the bulk of the work has been completed by the Station Staff with members of the Friends assisting in some areas such as plastering. The whole project was paid for by the Company, except guttering to one side, which was courtesy of the Friends.


The Northwood Pagoda awaits carriage to Bewdley to be loaded on a "Lowmac" for the final journey to Northwood Halt. All construction including doors, hardwood windows etc. have been completed at Kidderminster. The concrete plinth awaits the railway to correct its size. Bewdley Staff will complete the painting.


The running in board needs a final coat of paint and the vee boards need to be refurbished prior to erection.


The Station Staff have dismantled the Smith's Kiosk and Refreshment Kiosk. and will rebuild them as soon as practical.


More next time...

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