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'Friends' Posters


We have produced two posters for display at Kidderminster Town Station in an effort to drum up support (and maybe some new members) for the 'Friends'.


The design shown below is reproduced at a size of 19" x 40" in black and white and a copy has been pasted on a poster board by the station entrance, and another by the entrance to the shop.


poster 1


The origin of the narrow poster boards, for which these posters are specially designed to fit, is not known – they may have been specially cut down from standard boards in order to fit nicely between the windows on the station. In any case standard posters which were 25" x 40" will not fit.


The design was chosen to imitate the lettering style and simplicity of design common on posters produced immediately before the second world war so as not to detract from the 1930's image of the station.


A second design is of the standard size and is pasted on a standard poster board at the outside entrance to the King and Castle.




Membership forms, to which to posters refer, are available in the rack in the ticket office. The design of these forms has been modified recently to bring them up to date. Let's hope our efforts bear fruit.


Mick Yarker. June 2007

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