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Letters to the Editor


Dear Mick,


Thank you for the latest Newsletter. Once again I am lost in admiration of the industry and devotion of you and all your colleagues. I remember the old ex-GWR station when the line used to run through Wyre Forest (happy days!) and now compare it with your beautifully restored buildings. I think it would be a good idea to have a notice-board erected either in the waiting-room or on the concourse shewing before and after with a timetable of each completed restoration. I am sure many of the public are unaware of the vast improvement. As one of your oldest Friends I have watched with interest as each operation is completed.


I was very interested in your article on canals. The black country is particularly well suited to their study, being with so many. I remember when thousands of tons of steel tubes used to pour out of Coombs Wood Tube Works in Halesowen straight onto barges, or rather narrow boats, until I think as late as the 1960's when Stewarts an Lloyds were forced to lose their identity in the amorphous blanket of British Steel, now itself consumed by Tata. I notice your comment that with the coming of railways many canals began to fall into disuse. This has always been the bugbear of the British transport system, that with each new invention the current one is seen as redundant and its forerunner allowed to decay. So now we have traffic snarled roads and under-used railway lines. On the Continent they have the good sense to keep many systems running contemporaneously.


Yours sincerely, Iris Graham

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