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How It All Came About.


When Dave Redfern, Mick Yarker and Bob Brown visited the Bluebell Railway, they were very impressed by the work of an organisation called The Friends of Kingscote which had been set-up to transform the little country station at Kingscote – from a converted house back to its original form – bringing it back to life to a standard to equal the rest of the line. In fact, they were so impressed that they came away determined to do something similar at Kidderminster Town Station on the SVR.


There were three fields of thought for the improvement of the overall appearance of the station:


  • The addition of a Porte Cochere .
  • The erection of a roof to cover the concourse area.
  • The erection of a platform canopy


The first meeting was called on the evening of Saturday, 30 October 1993 in the Porter's Room at Kidderminster and was attended by eighteen working members. Dave, Mick and Bob described what they had seen at Kingscote and it was decided to form the Friends. A committee was elected.


Since then, the Publicity Sub-committee have designed and produced letter headings and publicity and recruitment posters. If any of you have any ideas or skills that you think might be of help to us in the future, we will be very happy to hear from you.



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