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Cast Iron Guttering


We are very grateful to the Officers of the Coalyard Miniature Railway who have sponsored the guttering for the Porters Cabin and the Henley Building.


When the Porters Cabin was erected, the Friends offered to install proper cast iron guttering rather than the plastic stuff originally budgeted for. Thus the SVR made a small saving and we had the pleasure of knowing the job would get done in the traditional manner. The north side has been finished for some time with guttering installed by Keith from some we had left in stock, but the south side has only just been completed using the new guttering which arrived during December.


Martyn Bidgood and Phil James have very generously sponsored guttering for the Storage Shed, enough to provide a complete run along the east side of the roof above the lean-to extension, which is the most important run as it protects the join between the main building and the roof of the extension – something of a weak point for water ingress. This was fitted during December and looks very nice too. It is important to fit the rest as it does much to protect the building, but this will have to wait until finance is available.


Unfortunately the Henley Building has fast-deteriorating paintwork which has begun to blister and peel in places. One reason for this is the lack of guttering, of course. Water pouring down wooden ship-lap boarding is sure to fetch the paint off and eventually rot the wood too. We will have to repaint the bargeboards before we fit the guttering, and this job will have to wait a few weeks until we get some nice spring weather.


Keith our Stationmaster is very keen to get this and all the other structures on the parcels bay platform repainted to match the nice new paint on the concourse roof and the restaurant.


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