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Brinton's Hand Cart


Since marrying Mick, I have visited the S.V.R. on many occasions and met the lads that make up the 'Friends of Kidderminster Town Station'. Impressed by the many projects they have done during their twelve years together I felt it was now time for me to get my hands dirty. So, in the spirit of New Year resolutions, on the first weekend in January I began working on the hand cart.


The cart was originally used at the Brinton's carpet factory in Kidderminster town centre. It was donated to the S.V.R. by Ray Lisle and Melvyn Thompson, now chairman of the Friends of the Carpet Museum Trust, when the factory closed in 19??. It was built by a carpenter who was employed by Briton's in the maintenance department.


It was stored in the former road motors depot and when site changes were made, the cart was unfortunately left outside for around fifteen months where it suffered in the elements. The construction of the new vehicle storage building gave an opportunity for the cart to dry out. Mick discovered one wheel had begun to rot. He put this right by splicing in a new piece of wood which was screwed and glued. When painted this should blend in nicely. During this time Mick also fitted two new sides and the end boards. These were than painted with primer.


This was the stage that work had reached when I was introduced to the cart. At the time of writing I have rubbed down and painted the wheels in post office red. Next follows the painting of the metal work in black and the main body of the cart in Brinton's colour scheme of dark blue. The cart will be sign written with Brinton's name and will go on display at Kidderminster Town station.


Details of Kidderminster's carpet museum, The Weavers Loft and Friends of The Carpet Museum Trust, can be found at


Jane Yarker. January 2006

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