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08 Stores Shed


A base surrounded by a structural steelwork has appeared in the yard at Kidderminster. When construction of the building is finished this will be the 08 stores building and a small workshop area. Its origins started with the idea of purchasing a container to house our growing spares collection. I think at the time the C & W lads were erecting the old Swindon Rope Stores building and one of our number suggested would it be possible to construct a similar structure as an alternative to a container.


To cut a long story short we did get approval for this project working through all aspects with Phil Sowden the S.V.R. Chief Engineer. Finance for the project was provided by the S.V.R Guarantee Co. who have been totally supportive of our efforts to provide this facility. I would particularly like to thank David Williams for all his advice and support through the months it has taken leading up to the actual start of construction.


Initially we looked at having the job done commercially but it did not take long to realise that we would not get much shed for our money. Our 08 gang had by now grown to 5 or 6 regulars so around the tea table the question was asked can we build it ourselves? Yes came the answer, so taking over, time to put words into action.


The building would be a corrugated tin shed in a style that used to be found all over the rail system serving in a multitude of roles.

We entered a period of consultation with the Friends of Kidderminster Station in particular Dave Redfern about the style of building, type of material, suppliers etc and to get the all important costs of such a venture said to say it all comes down to money.


At this time world steel prices were at an all time high which provided us with some initially daunting material quotes. The design was carried out by Jack Sowerby using the latest computer aided technology extremely fascinating to a computer illiterate like myself.


The site just inside the yard gate was first to be closed, the amount of junk mixed with good railway spares was unbelievable but we stuck at it and the tidy area that was left certainly made an impression. It was the precursor to other yard tidy ups, the site must look a whole lot better to locals using the bridge and footpath.


Brian Bessy, Chris and Dave (from the P.W. department) dug out the footings then Martin Wilkins moved in to set the levels and construct the shuttering. The shuttering timber, metal rods and reinforcing mesh were all found around the railway resulting in good savings and the clearing up of stored materials. In the meantime over 1 ton of steel in the form of angle, strip and profiled plates had arrived, all these had to be degreased and then drilled, the profiled plates were made locally by Mawley Engineering who produced them in double quick time.


The roof is supported by rolled steel angle. This job was carried out by Fairway Steel of West Bromwich. Mid August saw the steel structure erected and fixed to the concrete and the various steel angle cut and fixed where the doors will hang.

The shed will have one sliding door and a pair of single leaf doors, the metal frames having been made by Jack and myself on Tuesday nights. These were welded up by Brian Bessy in the C and W workshops.


The last week of August saw the majority of the wall cladding in position although much drilling and fixing of clips and brackets remains to be done.


The month of September saw the roof panels starting to be aligned and fixed in position, again the amount of holes to be drilled is amazing. We plan to let the galvanised sheet weather over the winter then apply T. Wash, zinc phosphate primer and 2 coats of Bitumen black to complete the job.





There is much left to do such as the fitting of doors, windows, electrics etc. The stores area will need to be fitted out with shelves and racks but at the end of the day those of us who look after the 08's should find life a little easier especially during inclement weather.


Thanks are due to Rob, Ian, Rich, Jack, Wes, Brian, Martin, Phil Sowden, Mark, Nigel, Eric Hugh, Mick, the C and W department, Friends of Kidderminster Station, the class 50 lads and the ladies in the accounts department for all their assistance to date. Apologies to anybody who I may have missed from the above list.


T Davies. October 2005

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